27 Jun
ELV compliance – Allegro drivers, take note

Vehicle recycling is nothing new, but the REACH EU directive is. The vehicles being scrapped today are incredibly complex, loaded with electronic gadgetry which can no longer be consigned to the landfills; it must be recycled in an environmentally compliant …

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22 Jun
Reaching ELV compliance in the UK

The RoHS and REACH EU directives have had many spin-offs, such as the End of Life Vehicle, or ELV directive which came into force in January 2006. As part of its structured program of environmental reforms, the EU wants 85% …

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14 Jun
System software for environmental compliance management

The new RoHS and REACH EU directives are making it more important than ever to have clearly defined obsolescence management and data cleansing strategies when planning your engineering projects. Environmental compliance management (ECM) is complex, involving a high degree of …

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9 Jun
When WEEE Compliance Can Cause Problems For Hardware Designers

The RoHS WEEE directive specifically forbids the use of lead in electronic components, unless the lead content is 0.1% or lower. This has effectively seen the end of tin lead (SnPb) finishes to a large extent, as component manufacturers switch …

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3 Jun
VHDL Design And The WEEE Directive

Even simple mechanical engineering projects make use of VHDL design now. VHDL stands for VHSIC hardware description language, VHSIC being Very High Speed Integrated Circuitry. Basically, it’s a hardware design language used to describe electronic systems such as FPGAs (field-programmable …

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