26 Aug
The EU RoHS directive – a worldwide issue

The RoHS compliance laws apply to all products entering the EU, and thus affect component engineering companies worldwide. The US is a major exporter of electronic products to Europe, and anyone producing components, embedded firmware etc. for this market have …

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21 Aug
The RoHS and WEEE directives – recent developments

Electrical and component engineering companies exporting products to the EU are heavily governed by ROHS/WEEE legislation. As this effects companies located outside of the Union, it is essential to keep up to date with the latest changes, and have an …

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17 Aug
REACH EU and US defense exports – the continuing saga

ROHS, WEEE and REACH regulations may be European initiatives, but their influence is far-reaching. The EU is a major importer of products produced outside the European Union which come under its environmental compliance laws. These range from agricultural chemicals to …

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10 Aug
The REACH directive and US defense exports

REACH legislation doesn’t just affect member states of the EU. Any mechanical, electrical or component engineering company exporting into Europe needs to be aware of the REACH directive as it relates to their particular area of expertise. This is especially …

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5 Aug
How do you keep customers happy with ROHS compliance?

Many customers are understandably worried when they hear that engineers are altering their customised hardware in accordance with ROHS compliance. Even if the hardware designs appear superficially unaltered, their components most definitely are not. ROHS compliance affects every area of …

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