Chicago, IL November 15, 2021 – ComplianceXL announced that they signed a contract to support IMDS Reporting and Documentation for a leading French multinational in Electronics Manufacturing Services. This project with help the client streamline their IMDS reporting and documentation capabilities and improve knowledge amongst internal stakeholders.

The client is a leading contract manufacturer of electronic products with decades of experience in PCB assembly, PCB design, prototyping & manufacturing solutions. With over 20 manufacturing locations across the globe and more than 7500 employees worldwide, the client is the preferred vendor for producing electronics for the automotive and automobile industry.

With the exceeding regulatory and reporting requirements, lack of internal expertise with exclusive IMDS management, and absence of dedicated supplier engagement teams, the client was falling behind with the compliance process and facing challenges with time to market.

ComplianceXL is offering the most customized managed IMDS solution that includes:

  • Supplier engagement: A team of supplier engagement specialists will interact with suppliers across various time zones and in multiple languages worldwide. And further train the suppliers on how to create and submit the MDS on to the IMDS portal.
  • Training: An IMDS specialist will conduct training sessions to guide all internal and external stakeholders such as procurement team and end-consumers about MDS reporting requirements.
  • Validation, Creation, and Submission of MDS: The supplier engagement team will work with the IMDS engineers to validate individual MDS received submitted, create consolidated MDS, and submit to the end client.
  • On-going support: On ongoing basis ComplianceXL will create MDS for the new product BoMs and submit to the end clients based on the end client requests. The dedicated IMDS engineers collaborate with the client and its end clients to resolve any discrepancies in the MDS documentation and reporting, time-to-time.

While ComplianceXL manages the IMDS needs, this engagement will significantly accelerate and improve the client’s time-to-market and expand business. Previously, these processes were handled manually, were more time-consuming, and without any experience with IMDS.

The multi-year contract is signed considering the ongoing MDS documentation for both existing and new products. This arrangement expects to bring system stability within the first year of engagement.

CK Bharathan, Head of Compliance Solutions at ComplianceXL, says, “The client required us to quickly understand and improve their ways of IMDS Reporting and be adaptive when it came to changes needed in the scope of the project. Working closely with supply chain partners, manufacturing teams, and with the support of a cloud-based platform, we will be able to quickly turnaround the processes by taking advantage of two decades of IMDS expertise of our compliance specialists.”