30 Dec
IEC 62474 – Material Declaration for Products of and for the Electrotechnical Industry

Industry Regulations like RoHS, WEEE, REACH, Prop 65 and Conflict Minerals have sprouted from product chemical composition management. Collecting material declaration has thus become the foundation of compliance management in the electrical and electronics industry. Multiple compliance regulations across the […]

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24 Dec
The path ahead in Conflict Mineral Compliance

In May, 2014 (deadline for submitting the Conflict mineral compliance report to SEC for the year 2013), we saw many listed companies submitting their form SD and conflict mineral reports to SEC to complete their reporting obligations. During the same […]

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20 Dec
Impact of the ROHS2 directive on Medical Device Manufacturers

While Medical Device manufacturers have had complex rules governing the manufacture and sale of their products, they have been exempted from most environmental regulations regarding hazardous substances. However, with the extension in scope of European Union’s (EU) ‘Directive 2011/65/EU’ in […]

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15 Dec
How the US Court stay going to affect your Conflict Mineral efforts.

Introduction about Conflict mineral law : The United States Dodd Frank Act, Section 1502 requires manufacturing companies to identify and disclose to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the source of 3TG minerals- tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold used […]

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9 Dec
Your Responsibility in EU REACH Compliance

Posted Under: REACH Compliance Services About REACH Compliance Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) is the system for controlling chemicals in the EU/EEA. REACH entered into force in 1 June 2007. REACH addresses most of the chemical substances […]

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29 Nov
Effect of REACH on SME’S

Posted Under: REACH Compliance Services   REACH Consulting Services REACH is world’s strictest chemical law, for any business in European Union either large or small.From the starting itself, one of the main concern was how SME’s (Small and medium enterprises) could […]

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23 Nov
Hazardous Substances In Electrical And Electronic Toys

Posted Under: RoHS Compliance Services    RoHS Consulting Services It is important that the significance of Children’s play toys are recognized as modern European societies face various economic, social and environmental challenges. Children’s play toys have a vital role in […]

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14 Nov
Conflict Minerals Compliance – The Deadline Is Approaching

May 31, 2014 is a key date for all public companies listed with the SEC, as the first Conflict Minerals Report has to be filed by this day. The Conflict Minerals Rule enacted by the SEC,as part of the Dodd-Frank […]

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8 Nov
EU RoHS 2 Compliance-Some of the important details that you must know

ROHS, the Directive to limit or rather ban the usage of dangerous substances in electrical and electronic equipments manufacturing, was put-forth by the European Union in February 2003. Five years after the launch of RoHS 1, EU has now adopted […]

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4 Nov
Must-Know Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Conflict Minerals

It’s been almost a century since Democratic Republic of Congo has been consistently exploited for its vast natural resources & mineral wealth. According to the reports submitted before the Congolese Parliament, a few years back, the investigation committee had uncovered […]

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