IMDS Support

At ComplianceXL, we cover all aspects of IMDS support for Automobiles and Automotive manufacturers and suppliers across the globe. Our services include IMDS Consulting, Supplier Engagement, MDS collection, MDS validation, IMDS report generation, and many more. All of our services are available on a modular basis and tailored to your specific needs and workflow. Our services can also be integrated with you PLM or other systems, to ensure tight collaboration. Our customers see significant value in having us create Material Data Sheets (MDS), Validate Supplier MDS, manage REACH chemical compliance reports, and overall ensure the IMDS system runs in a lean and efficient manner.

IMDS data management can often be a cumbersome task that requires specialized knowledge and expertise, apart from being very time-consuming. Many suppliers may not be familiar with the IMDS system or make mistakes during submissions, which can impact your submission to your customer and ability to meet OEM timelines.

ComplianceXL is a one-stop solution for all your IMDS requirements, providing tailormade comprehensive IMDS solutions or modular support in areas such as IMDS consulting, IMDS reporting, MDS Validation, or support options.

IMDS Data and IMDS Reports

Identifying your project requirements begins by analyzing the tasks and responsibilities associated with the project. Our team can assess whether the IMDS data is complete, review parts lists, map out the project scope, the project management requirements, and define the IMDS program implementation timeframes.

Our IMDS Compliance specialists are supported by a dedicated supplier engagement team that can assist you to deal with supplier communication, coaching and to help resolve supplier queries. In addition, we can also provision a cloud-based software to establish real-time dashboards to ensure your IMDS project is a complete success.

Benefits of our IMDS Services

Our team of compliance specialists carry in-depth knowledge of the IMDS platform, reporting requirement, typical automotive OEM mandates, as well as other major regulations such as RoHS, REACH, SCIP and Prop 65. This broad knowledge of the compliance domain enables the customer to leverage the ComplianceXL team to meet multiple compliance obligations, beyond just IMDS.

Some of the key benefits we deliver to clients include mds material data system:

  • Ensure that all Material Data Sheets (MDSs) are validated accurately and submitted on time to the IMDS system.
  • Very minimal overheads for clients in managing the IMDS reporting, as we manage the process end-to-end
  • Efficient supplier coordination as our multilingual supplier engagement team operates in different time zones, making it easier to contact suppliers across the globe and coordinate MDS submissions
  • In-depth knowledge of the IMDS guidelines and recommendations as well as the specific requirements of automotive OEMs and manufacturers
  • Cloud-based technology for real-time tracking and reporting of MDS requests
IMDS Training and Consulting

Supplier MDS Validation

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