Extended Producer Responsibility Support Service

Global regulations around Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) call for Manufacturers and Importers to review and responsibly manage the environmental effect their products have at end of life or disposal. There are various regulations, many of them from the EU, that govern such requirements, like WEEE, Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive, Batteries Directive and so on.

We offer effective and turnkey solutions to companies that need to comply with any of the EPR regulations. We cover multiple industries such as Electronics, Automotive, Lubricants, Industrial and Packaging. With a strong team of Senior Consultants with industry-specific domain expertise, we are able to provide expert guidance on compliance. Beyond the initial strategy development, our team of Compliance Analysts can completely manage the fairly large task of collecting material declarations from suppliers, be it Full Material Disclosures or regulation specific declarations.

EPR services:

  • Consulting and Advisory services
  • Assess compliance reporting needs
  • Collection of Supplier Material Declarations
  • Fully managed compliance solution
  • Data Maintenance and updates
  • Training (Internal and Suppliers)
  • Reporting and Analytics