25 Sep
Annex II of the ELV directive relaxes rules for automotive system development

Automotive hardware design is a lucrative area for mechanical engineering professionals – but fraught with environmental compliance management issues. As well as GADSL and the international material data system, there’s also the ELV (end of life vehicle) directive. Like the […]

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19 Sep
Changes to ELV directive make life easier for automotive system designers

ELV compliance management can be a time-consuming and confusing issue for those involved with automotive mechanical engineering, or who make embedded firmware for the automotive industry. However, a recently added annex to the ELV directive has made environmental compliance management […]

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12 Sep
Is your Californian VHDL design RoHS compliant enough for the EU?

California has adopted its own versions of the EU WEEE and ROHS compliance laws – but if you are exporting goods to EU states, you still need to follow the EU ROHS/WEEE rulings, because Californian protocol may not be enough. […]

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6 Sep
The RoHS directive: Can we really live with lead-free solders?

The RoHS/REACH directive bans the use of lead in PCB layouts, ASIC designs and other electronic systems, which has had far-reaching consequences for the engineering industry worldwide. Following the global adoption of the RoHS regulations, there has been a monumental […]

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2 Sep
Environmental compliance and EMC emissions

Environmental compliance is not confined to the RoHS/WEEE directive and International Material Data System. As well as the materials used in manufacturing, there is the environmental impact of the system design itself to consider, such as EM (electromagnetic) emissions. EM […]

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