Member States plan to evaluate 24 substances in 2023-2025

15 Dec 2022

The Community Rolling Action Plan (CoRAP) is a tool used by the European Union (EU) to prioritize the risk assessment of substances that are already on the market and are not yet fully registered under REACH. The CoRAP is updated annually and includes a list of substances that will be evaluated by ECHA in the coming year. It is designed to ensure that the most hazardous substances are identified and prioritized for risk assessment and risk management measures.

The draft is for an annual update of the CoRAP and covers the three subsequent years 2023-2025. It contains substances suspected of posing a risk to human health or the environment. Substance evaluation is the process under REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (Articles 44 to 48) that allows generation of information for clarification of such potential risks. The draft CoRAP contains 24 substances, including 6 new substances compared to the current CoRAP 2022-2024; 5 substances are being planned for evaluation in 2023, and 19 are divided for evaluation in 2024 and 2025.

Five substances are proposed to be withdrawn from the 27 substances included in the CoRAP update published on 22 March 2022. This is because substance evaluation has been deemed low priority or unnecessary. For 3 out of these, the data obtained from compliance check or public literature are already considered sufficient to clarify the initial concerns, while for the remaining 2, relevant information is requested under dossier evaluation processes.

These substances may be put on CoRAP again, if after the conclusion of these processes, concerns would remain beyond what can be clarified through dossier evaluation. In the draft CoRAP are the names of the non-confidential substances, the EC/List numbers, CAS numbers, and the initial grounds for concern. It also includes contact information for the Member State that intends to conduct the substance evaluation.

As part of the preparation of the draft, the criteria for selecting substances were closely discussed with the Member States. The draft plan has been submitted on 30 November 2022 to the Member State Competent Authorities and the ECHA Member State Committee. It is expected that the Committee will give its opinion on this draft CoRAP update in February 2023. In accordance with the Committee’s opinion, ECHA intends to adopt and publish the CoRAP update for 2023-2025 on 21 March 2023. Each substance in the CoRAP will be accompanied by a justification document. ECHA publishes this draft now in order to provide stakeholders with a status report. It also aims to facilitate early communication between the concerned registrants and the responsible Member State authority.