RMI released a new PRT 1.01

15 Dec 2022

The RMI has released the new updated version of PRT (Pilot Reporting Template) v.1.01 on December 14, 2022. CMRT is used for reporting 3TG minerals while EMRT is for reporting mica and cobalt together. RMI launched a template for reporting other metals such as copper, aluminum, nickel, and lithium – Pilot Reporting Template (also called PRT). The original PRT template was launched on 11 November 2022.

What’s new on PRT v.1.01?

The minor change observed in the revised version is that the current PRT v.1.01 supports all excel versions, but the previous version PRT v.1.0 has been reported for issues on the Declaration tab for 2019 Excel versions.

A Reminder!!!
As we are aware of CMRT which carries the data of Tantalum, Tin, Gold and Tungsten and EMRT for Cobalt and Mica, similarly the PRT covers the reporting of the minerals which is not listed under CMRT and EMRT.

The Standard Smelter list of PRT does not contain Smelter data for aluminum, copper, lithium or nickel processors.

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