31 May 2021

The project RE-SOURCING is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program and developed for Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicles, Mobility, and Electronics who depend mainly on key minerals and hence targeted for responsible sourcing.

The EU’s goal is to develop a platform for the global stakeholders for responsible sourcing and ensure the usage of carbon reduces in future.

The minerals targeted for responsible sourcing are quartz in photovoltaic cells, tantalum in electronic devices, Copper in wind turbines, lithium in batteries and Gold in computer microchips.

The basic aspect of the EU is to identify and reach out to the stakeholders and analyze the input of the stakeholders from where the mineral is being sourced and will be sourced in future. This input to the RE-SOURCING process will help to ensure that the minerals sourced do or do not cause negative impacts on the environment and society.

The Local organizations and professionals play a vital role in guiding and supporting the EU’s regulations and policy to achieve the planned results. In the first annual conference of the RE-SOURCING Project held in January 2021, EU announced a list of drivers impacting the implementation of Responsible Sourcing (RS), defines approach and the role played by various stakeholders involved across mineral value chains, from extraction to end-of-life product management.

As a result, the RE-SOURCING initiative is an important step for achieving decarbonization and transition to renewable energy.

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