ECHA announced REACH enforcement project to focus on imported products

18 Nov 2022

The pilot audit on imported products to EU has resulted in 23% non-compliance with the requirements set out by EU law.

On 16, November 2022, the enforcement forum and Biocidal Products Regulation Subgroup (BPRS) authorities responsible for enforcing EU chemical legislation in member state decided to identify and control on imports of substances and mixtures and articles as defined.

The best way of controlling this non-compliance is at the port of entry and the proposal is to strengthen the process and system of audit and cooperation between the customs and REACH auditors on non-compliance. This measure is also to align the ESG goals across EU.

A network of enforcement authorities from the EU and EEA forms the Enforcement Forum of ECHA and the BPRS. These authorities are responsible for coordinating the enforcement of REACH, CLP, PIC, POPs, and BPR chemicals laws. In addition to protecting people’s health and the environment, they also strive to assure that companies have an equal footing on the EU market.

During an open session, the Forum explored opportunities for expanding its role and enhancing control over imports. Representatives from 41 stakeholder organizations and 4 candidate countries attended. Several other topics were discussed in the open session, such as the enforceability of REACH restrictions on textiles or lead gunshot in wetlands. Furthermore, analytical methods relevant to REACH duties were discussed.

The next Forum and BPRS meetings are anticipated in end of Q1 2023 and expected completion of this project is anywhere between 2023-2025.

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