New IRAM / IEC safety standards for Electric and electronic products

20 Dec 2021

On 12 October 2021, Resolution No. 169/2018 on Essential Safety Requirements for Low Voltage Electrical Equipment was amended by the Argentine Ministry of Productive Development and published Resolution No. 1038.

The Resolution amends several articles of Resolution No 169/2018, that features the following:

  • Article 2 is replaced, changing the scope of application to products:
    • A nominal input voltage for consumption, and/or of output for generation, between 50V and 1000V (AC), and between 75V and 1.500V (DC) is to be used in the Electrical equipment
    • The following products operating at the input and/or output voltages aside from those within the above category, along with their respective sources or chargers, where applicable:
      • Lamps -Dichroic or bi-pin
      • Led lamps
      • Led assembled modules
      • Lamp holders -lamps covered by dichroic/ bi-pin lamps
      • Fence electrifiers
      • Electric Motor driven – Portable, transportable tools and lawn and garden machines
      • Skin and hair care appliances – Portable
      • Household electrical cooking equipment – which performs the functions of heating, cutting, processing, or mixing food or beverages
      • Power supplies, chargers and transformers which operating at the input and/or output voltages mentioned to in item (a)
  • Article 3 is replaced on definitions
  • Article 4 replaces the Manufacturers Obligations
    • As per Article 7 and Annex II, manufacturer is responsible for the electrical equipment it places on the market, which shall be designed and manufactured in accordance with the safety objective.
    • Through the certification provided in Article 8, the manufacturer shall accredit to the competent body, before placing the electrical equipment on the market, compliance with the essential safety requirements for electrical equipment
    • The electrical equipment placed on the market contains the determined information, is ensured by the manufacturer
    • The product safety certificate provided for in Article 8, or the certificate provided for in Article 13, when required to do so, shall be displayed by the manufacturer
    • As per in Article 7 and Annex II, the manufacturer shall ensure that the storage and/or transport conditions of the electrical equipment do not jeopardize compliance with the safety objective
    • The surveillance of electrical equipment in accordance with the provisions of Article 10, should be complied by the manufacturer
    • If the electrical equipment does not comply with the provisions of this Resolution, manufacturer shall immediately take the necessary corrective measures to comply or withdraw it from the market, if necessary
    • The manufacturer shall immediately report circumstance to the competent Authority, when they become aware that electrical equipment placed on the market was potentially harmful or dangerous.
  • Annex III of Resolution 169/18 (Annex I of this Resolution) is replaced.
  • Annexes IV and V are added
  • Article 17 TER added the requirement of publication. It is required when products are marketed via the web, both the number of the certificate of the product and the Certification Body that issued it must be stated the corresponding publication. This obligation is applied both to suppliers who use their own sales sites, and to third party websites.
  • Article 10 on Surveillance of certified electrical equipment is replaced.
  • Article 13 on Exceptions to product safety certification is replaced.
  • Article 14 BIS on Monitoring and Impact Assessment is replaced.

As per the date of publication in the Official Bulletin, this Resolution entered into force on 12 October 2021.

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