Our RoHS Compliance Services are tailored to satisfy each Client’s unique needs, based on their industry and impact of the regulation to their business. Our RoHS Compliance Consultants assist Clients in analyzing internal compliance levels and implementing a company-wide compliance strategy, that enables them to meet compliance goals on time and within budgets.

Beyond the strategy, we take the lead in compliance data collection, which is arguably the largest effort in any compliance program. The task entails collecting and maintaining information about the compliance status of each part used by the Client, be it a standard off-the-shelf part or a custom or mechanical part or assembly. Since many suppliers provide due diligence documentation only on request, a strong direct supplier engagement becomes crucial for the success of the engagement. The fact that parts keep changing also means that the freshness of data is critical – for which we have a unique solution that ensures you are not running a compliance program based on stale data.

We assist our clients in creating a strong repository of verifiable documentation on the compliance information collected. This audit path is crucial to prove due diligence, in the event any RoHS enforcement agency seeks proof of due diligence.

We effective address these compliance challenges:

  • Lack of understanding of compliance (internally and supply base)
  • High costs of sourcing and collating compliance data from suppliers.
  • Varying material declaration formats, from one supplier to another
  • Tracking ongoing changes to the regulations and related exemptions
  • Complexities of interpreting the legislation and its impact
  • Difficulty in identifying replacement materials that comply with the legislation

Services Portfolio:

  • RoHS Consulting
  • Gap Analysis
  • Compliance Data Collection
  • Full Material Declaration (FMD)
  • Managed Compliance
  • Internal and Supplier Training
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