Did you know know IMDS 14.0 is released?

29 Nov 2022

IMDS (International Material Data System) is an online database used by automotive industry to meet the obligation provided on automotive manufacturers and their concern suppliers.

DXC technology frequently update their tool to rely with all the constraints put in the automotive platform by updating their IMDS platform. After the successful release of IMDS version 13.2 on April 27th, 2022, DXC technology planned to put his head on updating the IMDS version to 14.0.

IMDS 14.0 Roll out plan

  • IMDS version 14.0, Model Office Next rollout planned for January 11, 2023
  • IMDS version 14.0, Production rollout planned for May 10, 2023

The feature enhancements planned with the IMDS release 14.0:

  • Structure Mix:
    This release comes up with removing the warning “Different types of nodes (components, semi-components, materials) are used at the same level” by providing the option to define the purpose of any non-component reference on the same level as a component. This enhancement overruled the update provided in the release 13.2.
  • SC90 for filled/unfilled thermoplastics:
    The new enhancement with this release makes SC90 to check on the percentage of filler in the classification 5.1.a (filled thermoplastics) and 5.1.b (unfilled thermoplastics) for at least 5% or less. A new grouping technique is created to group all the filler substance used in the material to satisfy the count of 5% at least.
  • Extended contact information:
    IMDS version 14.0 provides extended contact support by providing access to assign the contact person for newly created MDS requests. If no contact person assigned or if the assigned contact person is deactivated, the company’s default contact information will be shown.

    This release also has dialog box option to choose not to reveal their contact information on MDS rejection. If you want to follow the same for all MDSs, you can check in the checkbox to not to remind again.

  • Revealing confidential declarable substances:
    With this release, “Confidential substances” will be visible to all the materials after two weeks of GADSL/SVHC update. It will be visible to all the supply chain without performing any actions. All the material manufacturers will get a pop-up update on new flagged substances which was marked as “Confidential”. Any difference in GADSL/SVHC content between old and latest released version is visible in ingredients page.
  • Check for old MDSs:
    This release has a feature of throwing an “Error” for the own datasheet created 10 years before and own datasheet referenced with a non-standard published MDSs in it. It also creates “Warning” for the same datasheet referencing own or accepted datasheets older than 10 years. Material manufacturer can avoid this error by checking the material as “still valid” and it is not applicable to “Legacy part number” also.
  • Techno-circular recycling and bio-based materials:
    With this version change, techno-cycle recycling and bio-based materials are added through wizard dialog box with the option to declare the certification to a certain standards and mass-balanced bio-based content.

With all the above feature, the DXC technology is planning to roll out the IMDS release 14.0 on May 10, 2023, till that enjoy the benefits provided in the IMDS release 13.2.

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