Chicago, IL April 17, 2023 – We are pleased to announce that ComplianceXL has signed a contract with one of the world’s foremost manufacturers and engineers of automotive systems. As part of the blanket agreement, ComplianceXL will reform existing practices to modernize compliance documentation and to help comply with RoHS, REACH, and Prop 65 regulations.

The client is an international leader in engineering and manufacturing automotive systems, bearing solutions, and high-performance machine tools. Using cutting-edge technologies and a manufacturing passion, they produce innovative products that satisfy demanding customers. As a global sales organization, the client must ensure compliance with all major regulatory demands in accordance with its global sales footprint.

ComplianceXL developed a comprehensive compliance management framework for the client, covering a wide range of regulations. A cloud-based compliance documentation platform was also provided to streamline the process and ensure efficient compliance management.

Highlights of the engagement:

  • The client will be provided with compliance data for EU ROHS, EU REACH, and CA Prop 65 regulations for their entire range of products. The client will also be provided with Global Compliance Regulations, best manufacturing practices, product categories, and timelines for this project.
  • As part of the compliance management framework, ComplianceXL also includes global best practices in methods, operations, records, reporting, vendor practices, audits, documentation development, and technical documentation activities.
  • The compliance process includes Data Collection through web sourcing or direct engagement with suppliers, validate suppliers’ responses in relation to the compliance directives and the compliance requirements.
  • ComplianceXL will conduct the supplier audits to be reviewed and refreshed periodically, while maintaining an operational framework that allows compliance to be managed daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.
  • As part of our compliance program, compliance information will be updated in the parts database, engage the suppliers to resolve any resolutions or clarifications so that the due diligence is smoothand ensure that the suppliers meet the compliance directives and the client’s compliance plan.

ComplianceXL will provide the client with efficient component engineering supported by innovative technology, a scalable cloud environment, and dedicated component engineers assigned to the project. Together, these three components will accelerate the client’s efforts toward component engineering and improve production and compliance efficiencies.

A dedicated team of supplier engagement will source and validate Full Material Declarations (FMDs). Further, FMDs are ascertained as per global compliance regulations such as RoHS, REACH, and Prop 65.

We have provided the client with a comprehensive compliance management framework, covering a range of regulations such as RoHS, REACH, Prop 65, and more. This engagement is expected to reform the existing practices in client’s material compliance management program.” says CK Bharathan, Head of Compliance Solutions at ComplianceXL. As a result of enhancing their compliance management capabilities, we are expected to expand our service offering with a cloud-based solution in the coming future.