Chicago, IL May 18, 2023-ComplianceXL announced that they signed a contract to manage various material compliance programs for a leading Israeli multinational company in network and peripheral isolation. By combining a Compliance Platform and Managed Services, this project manages and effectively handles the client’s regulatory compliance programs and documentation capabilities. It also improves knowledge among internal stakeholders.

A leading Israeli multinational company specializing in network and peripheral isolation. Develops high-quality cyber-defense solutions for network and peripheral isolation. To provide maximum isolation between computers and other devices, the company’s products are designed for use by government agencies, military forces, financial institutions, and other customers in a security-sensitive environment.

ComplianceXL developed a highly customized solution with a combination of compliance software and managed solutions for material compliance management that includes:

  • Training: To familiarize the clients with the compliance platform and to understand the steps involved in generating reports, a compliance specialist will conduct training sessions for the clients
  • Supplier engagement: A team of supplier engagement specialists will interact with suppliers across various time zones and in multiple languages worldwide. In addition, it includes training suppliers on material compliance documentation and clearing up any doubts they may have.
  • On-going support: ComplianceXL will create roll-up compliance reports for updated product BoMs and submit them to clients. A dedicated compliance engineer collaborates with the client to resolve any discrepancies in the roll-up compliance reports and reporting from time to time.
  • Maintenance: To maintain compliance with all the requirements, it is our intention to provide compliance maintenance every six months to make sure that compliance is maintained.

Although ComplianceXL will manage the Compliance needs of the client, this engagement is set to significantly accelerate and improve the client’s time-to-market, expand the business, and reduce costs. This involves a lot of manual work, which has been done in the past. This results in lengthy processes, which are labor-intensive, and take up a lot of time.

This is a multi-year contract signed considering ongoing compliance documentation. According to ComplianceXL’s CK Bharathan, Head of Compliance Solutions, the project manages and effectively supports the client’s regulatory compliance programs and documentation needs. By leveraging the expertise of our compliance specialists and partnering closely with supply chain partners, manufacturing teams, and a cloud-based platform, we will be able to quickly turn around the processes as gap assessment, consulting, strategy development, and compliance training will be completed.