ComplianceXL inks a contract with a global leading manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices. ComplianceXL has designed a comprehensive fully managed solution, which includes compliance services a cloud-based compliance platform for documentation and reporting. The solution package covers regulatory compliance requirements for EU RoHS, EU REACH, SCIP, Prop 65, and TSCA-PBT.

The client is a global leading manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices headquartered in the United States of America. With a global network of sales, service, and support locations the company is spread across 30 countries around the world. A world-class company with strong brands, diverse niche markets, and attractive growth prospects.

ComplianceXL will offer a cloud-based technology platform as part of the solution package which enables the client to manage compliance programs related to EU RoHS, EU REACH, SCIP, CA Prop65, and TSCA-PBT with zero hassles. This engagement covers every aspect of compliance management needs for the client such as consulting, training, software implementation, documentation, reporting and ongoing compliance support. The compliance management program includes:

  • A dedicated compliance team monitors client-specific compliance regulations to ensure compliance is handled effectively and efficiently.
  • Training all stakeholders on compliance information, tools, and technologies so they are aware of the current regulatory updates.
  • Delivering regular reports on the status of the compliance programs and support for any compliance-related issues.
  • Conducting supplier audits regularly and reviewing supplier contracts to ensure compliance with all applicable rules, directives, and regulations.
  • Reducing compliance program execution time, to minimize time to market and enhance labor and material savings to be more agile in responding to customer needs and staying ahead of competitors.

By managing RoHS, REACH, SCIP, Prop 65, and TSCA-PBT compliance solutions, ComplianceXL ensures regulatory compliance and expedites time-to-market for clients. By leveraging this engagement, clients can manage their regulatory compliance program more cost-effectively and with enhanced agility.

“We have provided the most comprehensive solution that incorporates compliance services as well as a central platform for reporting and compliance documentation,” says CK Bharathan, Head of Compliance Solutions at ComplianceXL. Utilizing two decades of regulatory compliance experience, we always have helped supply chain partners, and manufacturing teams minimize overall compliance risks.