ComplianceXL has been awarded a contract by a global automation company to provide IMDS support services. Under the agreement, Compliance will collect, validate, and enhance Material Data Sheets (MDS) from suppliers worldwide.

As a pioneering automation company, the client is dedicated to propelling the world forward in a safe and efficient manner. They are staunch advocates for ushering in a new era where intelligent infrastructure and autonomous machines have the ability to perceive and comprehend their surroundings, thereby enhancing safety, quality of life, efficiency, sustainability, and resilience while simultaneously improving overall safety and the quality of life.

Through a dedicated team of IMDS engineers and a multi-lingual supplier engagement team, our clients will harness technology-driven process automation to elevate their IMDS management for the foreseeable future.

The scope of work encompasses:

  • The scope of work involves engaging with suppliers to ensure the submission of MDS to the IMDS Portal, reviewing and validating the MDS submitted by suppliers, and accepting or rejecting MDS based on IMDS/client electronic criteria. Additionally, we will follow up with suppliers for MDS resubmission if their submissions are not acceptable. We will also address any queries suppliers may have regarding MDS report creation in the IMDS Portal, and in cases where suppliers provide only FMDs, we will create MDS reports in the IMDS platform.
  • Our solution approach at ComplianceXL will include the assignment of IMDS Engineers who will communicate with suppliers using the contact details provided by client to obtain the necessary MDS. We will make every effort to establish contact with suppliers through various communication channels such as email and telephone. Our team will clarify any questions suppliers may have about MDS and the IMDS portal, analyze MDS sent by suppliers, and notify them if any errors are identified, requesting necessary corrections.
  • If specific suppliers refuse to provide the required data despite repeated requests from ComplianceXL or are unresponsive, ComplianceXL may request intervention by client. We anticipate that the client can provide the necessary escalation support if such a situation arises.

C K Bharathan, Head of Compliance Solutions at ComplianceXL, also emphasized that this collaboration will play a crucial role in elevating the client’s compliance excellence within the intricate regulatory landscape of the Automotive industry, with the dedicated supplier engagement team simplifying the challenging process of discovering supplier documentation.

About ComplianceXL:

ComplianceXL is the Compliance Solutions Division of Enventure, a leader in the compliance business since 2003. ComplianceXL is a one-stop solution for all supply chain compliance requirements, ranging from consulting and training to collecting compliance certifications and documentation from suppliers. By implementing a transparent and well-structured compliance program, ComplianceXL enables clients to follow an integrated process, to meet their compliance obligations. Beyond an initial implementation, ComplianceXL also provides ongoing support to maintain compliance to regulations such as RoHS, REACH, CA Prop65, Conflict Minerals, ELV, GHS/OSHA and several other global legislations.