All you need to know about the PRT

12 Nov 2022

RMI has developed the new reporting template for due diligence of minerals excluding 3TG (Tin, Tantalum, Tungsten and Gold), Mica and Cobalt.

3TGs are reported in CMRT and Mica and cobalt together reported in EMRTs. For other metals like copper, Aluminium, Nickle, Lithium we RMI suggest using Pilot Reporting Template also called PRT. This template was launched on 11th November 2022.

The released PRT is in pilot test and the next version of PRT is anticipated in Q3 2023.

PRT like CMRT and EMRT has similar questions also provision for due diligence process for any other metal apart from Copper, Aluminium, Nickle, Lithium up to scope of 10 metals/minerals.

Difference between CMRT, EMRT and PRT

  • The CMRT and EMRT were developed in line with IPC-1755 Responsible Sourcing of Minerals Data Exchange Standard, while PRT was not designed to fully align with this Standard with intention being minerals in PRT are slowly transitioned to EMRT.
  • In PRT downstream companies can have due diligence for up to 10 minerals/metals except for the minerals already covered in CMRT and EMRT.
  • PRT has only 2 questions to answer basis the scope of declaration and has no specific company level questions.

Talk to one of our conflict minerals specialist today, to learn which is the best suitable template for your conflict minerals reporting.

These links will help with more info on 3TG reporting: