21 Mar 2023

Do you want to participate in RMAP Assessment program? Before that you need to know about the RMAP Standards.

The RMAP Standards are developed based on the requirements of the OECD Due diligence Guidance, the EU regulation 2071/821 and the U.S. Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

Every Smelter and Refiner who wish to participate in RMAP Assessment will be validated as per the Standards set by the RMI.

The RMAP Standards are guided by the ISEAL Standard setting Code of Good Practice in additional to extensive stackholder consultations. This will align the Standard with the regulatory requirements, with best practice expectations and high quality. It increases the RMAP credibility and stakeholder acceptance.

Apart from input from industry experts and metal associations, public consultation is also a part of the Standard development process. The inputs from stackholders on any major revisions will be closely reviewed by the multi-stackholder Standards Advisory group of RMI and considered for the RMAP Standard formation.

RMI regularly reviews and updates every standard which varies by minerals. The updated Standards are available on the RMI website for the RMAP auditees to review, check the eligibility and participate in the program.

Undertaking Audit for the first time? Complete the CIQ and Due Diligence Checklist and email to RMIaudit@responsiblebusiness.org.