8 Dec 2021

Every OEM in the automotive industry requires its suppliers to use the International Material Data System (IMDS) for material data reporting. With the IMDS system, suppliers can document and report their material data, support the recyclability and reusability of materials in vehicles, and report Substances of Concern (SoC). The information in the IMDS also provides compliance status with regulations such as EU-ELV, RRR, REACH, etc.

The compliance data exchange is similarly an online product data management system, a platform which provides manufacturers and suppliers powerful chemical product management capabilities, as well as supply chain communications and alignments. the system helps standardize product data as well as supporting data gathering and submissions from the supply chain through online requests and forms aimed at the requirements of all manufacturing industries thus covering a wider range of compliance regulations than what IMDS covers.

Importance of CDX Platform in IMDS

Completing the reports in IMDS manually is manageable when there are a few but, when there are hundreds and the information required to complete the reports exists in different systems, the reports become even more tedious and require the utmost attention to make sure they are free of mistakes. And mostly, the amount of time consumed to create and sort the data must be optimized for improved time to market. Hence the DXC technology, the company behind the automotive industry’s IMDS has developed the compliance data exchange (CDX) to meet the need for a robust product compliance data collection and reporting systems across the industries. Therefore, enabling them the use of centralized data base and full materials declarations. While the MDS helps mainly and widely the sourcing and archiving data from automotive industries, the CDX includes non- automotive industries to easily meet industrial regulations and customer requests.

CDX for non-automotive industries

As an automotive company already using IMDS, licensing exists that allows data transfer from IMDS and CDX As a non-automotive company, the centralized CDX compliance software can help you manage supplier data and report your substances to meet customer and global regulations like GADSL, ELV, RoHS, REACH candidate list, California prop 65, China RoHS, etc. In addition, CDX can also support conflict mineral reporting, SCIP data base and customer specific requirements, converts IMDS data to non-automotive formats, suitable for sharing multi-use products with non-automotive clients also offering IMDS-like reporting for non-automotive products and meets all the IMDS committee requirements for external data exchange system. The CDX service interface permits integration of CDX into client ERM,PLM,BOM management and other solutions.

CDX is a web-based software-as-a-service solution (SaaS). As data can be processed online, there Is no need to download software or set up hardware this means there is no financial or time loss with the implementation.

The ComplianceXL team can assist you with implementing solutions such as the CDX system within your business to get the maximum benefit out of it. We provide expert advice about how to create more productive materials reporting workflows so that it suits the needs of our clients. With our managed compliance reporting management services, you’ll receive the very latest information and be kept up-to-date online or at your company.

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