Each company’s compliance challenges are different – while some struggle to identify what their obligations are, some others find it hard to figure out how they can be compliant.

Beyond that initial phase of ‘what’ and ‘how’, a key challenge companies face is the massive amount of data required from Suppliers in order to declare themselves compliant. Many suppliers today are not in a position to deliver the required compliance data, such as certificates of compliance, declarations of conformity and full material disclosure. Even when such data is delivered, companies need to do their due diligence to validate that the data is reliable and restructure the data to make it compatible with their PLM system or Compliance Management platform.

Our mission is to be a one-stop solution for compliance, providing customers with a wide variety of services, ranging from consulting and training, to assisting with supplier engagement and certification. Our unique ability to handle standard off-the-shelf parts, as well as custom parts sets us apart from the competition and makes the parts coverage best in class.

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