Compliance Document Services

Collecting compliance declarations from Suppliers is a fairly daunting task for most organizations, primarily because of the sheer effort in researching parts compliance status, engaging with suppliers and finally organizing the data into a system compatible format.  But having the declarations and documentation from suppliers is critical to any compliance program, and required to demonstrate due diligence.

Most companies do not have a dedicated team to manage the data collection and the responsibility for material data collection is often split across multiple teams in the organization. This is often not efficient, leads to delays in completion of the compliance initiative and can become expensive.

We provide fully managed compliance data services, saving you time and money – and enabling you to focus on your core business activities. Over the years, we have developed a significant wealth of parts compliance information from global suppliers, as well as developed well-oiled processes – making us much more efficient and fast, compared to other options.

We have a very strong supplier engagement team, which works across multiple time zones and is multi-lingual, ensuring that the supplier response rates for compliance requests are maximized.

Our ability to process standard and custom parts, both electronic and mechanical, sets us apart from the competition and maximizes coverage of parts in your database.

We provide a guarantee on the freshness of data, unparalleled by any other compliance service provider.

Our Compliance Documentation Services include:

  • Compliance Data Collection: Standard & Custom parts
  • SCIP Dossier Management
  • Collect Material Data Sheet (MDS) from suppliers for IMDS reporting
  • Validation of Supplier Declarations
  • Restructuring supplier data to suit PLM/Compliance software systems
  • Loading data into PLM/Compliance software systems
  • Data Maintenance on an ongoing basis

Supplier Engagement
Supplier Engagement system is essential for a compliance program, and ensures you increase coverage of suppliers and maximize submissions of required documents by suppliers.
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A well-established process to collect, store and refresh compliance documentation plays a very important role in compliance, while giving a competitive edge while entering new markets.
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