15 Dec 2019

European commission has made a contract with Oeko-Institute to conduct consultations to support the review of the list in relation to the Substance Review and Substance Inventory under RoHS 2 (Pack 15).

Stakeholder consultation for evaluation of restricted substance list and new exemption request under RoHS 2(Pack 15) has started on 05th December 2019 and until 30th January 2020.

Substance Assessment:-

There are seven substances to be assessed in the course of the study with a view to review and amen the RoHS Annex II list of restricted substances.

In relation to RoHS restricted substances, the committee will be assessing 3 substances out of seven, in current consultation:-

  • Tetrabromobisphenol-A (TBBP-A)
  • Medium Chain Chlorinated Paraffin (MCCPs)
  • Diantimony trioxide

Below 4 substances has been already assessed in previous consultation closed on 7th November 2019:-

  • Cobalt dichloride and Cobalt sulphate
  • Nickel sulphate and Nickel sulfa mate
  • Beryllium and its compounds
  • Indium phosphide

Substance Prioritization:-

This consultation will collect the input on quantitative usage data for 43 priority substances that has been identified under EEE, the highest priority group of substance inventory.
Following are the groups targeted by the consultation:-

  • EEE industry
  • EEE industry federations
  • Research institutions & universities
  • NGOs
  • Consultancies
  • Public administrations


The aim of the RoHS recast was, among other things, to reduce administrative burdens and ensure coherency with newer policies and legislation covering, for example, chemicals and the new legislative framework for the marketing of products in the European Union. The RoHS Recast Directive (RoHS 2) was published in the Official Journal on 1 July 2011. In January 2017, the Commission adopted a legislative proposal to introduce adjustments in the scope of the Directive, supported by the impact assessment. The preparatory RoHS 2 scope review studies are also available. The respective legislative act amending the RoHS 2 Directive, adopted by the European Parliament and the Council, has been published in the Official Journal on 21 November 2017.