10 Mar 2023

IMDS (International Material Data System) is a collaboration of Audi, BMW, Daimler, EDS (now part of DXC Technology, the system administrator), Ford, Opel, Porsche, VW, and Volvo. It helps the OEM and their suppliers to meet the regulation, standards and laws imposed on hazardous substance.

All materials present in finished automobile manufacturing are collected, maintained, analysed, and archived on the IMDS platform. Since from the inception, the usage of IMDS was drastically improved and it is used by all the automobile makers nowadays.

DXC Technology is the company who takes care of the IMDS platform and its maintenance activities. IMDS system is an internet-based system, anyone can access the data from anywhere. DXC technology supplies support for different types of IMDS systems based on user needs, product complexity and connection to their internal system. The different types of IMDS systems are explained below.

Basic web version

The basic version of IMDS tool is the web-based system and it is available for free of cost. It was supported by the OEM sponsor’s group for the suppliers who supplies the product to the automotive industries. Anyone can register their organization in IMDS portal to avail login for basic IMDS version.

  • Create, transfer, validate and analyse MDS reports.
  • No costs involved.
  • Not compatible with the upload and download option.
  • Cannot integrate with external or in-house system.
  • Not suitable for complex structures.

IMDS-AI System

IMDS Advanced Interface system provides flexibility to connect IMDS (International Material Data System) system to your in-house/other external system. It enables the automated data exchange between IMDS and to your internal system. IMDS AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a paid version developed by DXC technology and the cost will be based on volume uploads.

  • Supports automated data transfer.
  • Compatible with complex MDS structures.
  • Flexibility to connect with in-house/external system.
  • Supports upload and download options.
  • Transfer of all MDS status update to local or connected system.
  • Improve data quality and administration.
  • Improves productivity.
  • Maintain IMDS status update with local system.

IMDS-A2 System

IMDS Advanced Accelerator is a specialized tool used to optimize the IMDS process in an efficient and fast manner. It simplifies the data management process by improving the productivity and quality of the incoming datasheets. This system provides enormous features to the users and make the IMDS reporting quite simple and effective. It also provides extended window for other regulation reporting inside the IMDS. It is a paid system, the cost will be vary based on the provided features.

  • Data examination using a configured set of rules & standards.
  • Provide automation feasibility for Inbox MDS.
  • Dashboard option for clear data view.
  • MDS comparison.
  • Separate modules for analysis & reporting.
  • Extended Where-Used analysis.
  • Allows access to bulk SCIP submissions.
  • Simplified, powerful user interface and multiple-window capability.
  • Less time & effort.
  • More productivity.
  • Configurable checks based on your needs.
  • Drag & Drop capability option.

It is especially important to choose a tool that makes our work easier and effective. Again, these options are purely based on the workload and complexity of the product they are supplying. Choose wisely, WorkSmart!!