Everything about UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) Marking

6 Aug 2021

Brexit has bought changes in Great Britain for CE marking certificates which are commonly used in EU market. This came into effect on 2021,Jan 1.

UKCA is the new product labelling used for products placed in GB market. This includes the products that require CE marking previously. UK government allows CE market on GB market until 1 Jan 2022, in order to allow the business to get adjusted the new mark.

One mark does not provide an obstruction to another. But, if importer sells product in both EU and GB market, the product should have UKCA and CE mark. Thus, it will meet the regulation of both the markets. If there is a situation, when a company can self-declare conformity for CE marking, they can do the same for UKCA marking. UKCA mark does not act as a replacement for CE mark in EU.

UKCA mark need to be used before 2022 Jan 1, if the product:

  • Is sold in Great Britain
  • Is covered under the scope of UKCA
  • Will need compulsory third-party conformity assessment
  • UK conformity assessment body checks the conformity assessments.

Record keeping should be done by the company or company’s authorized representative for 10 years after the products is placed in the market. It is to demonstrate the product meets with the regulatory requirement. This information can be requested by the authorities at any point of time, to check the product conformity.

The general records should have below information should be in the form of a technical file. It will vary depending upon the legislation applicable to the product.

  • Design and manufacturing of the product.
  • Documents to show the conformity to relevant requirements.
  • Manufacturer and storage facility address.

The information required to declaration of conformity is like that if EU declaration of conformity. It will vary only depending on application legislation and should have the following below information in common.

  • Name and complete business address
  • Product identification
  • Name and signature
  • Date of declaration

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