Enhancements with IMDS Release 13.1

1 Dec 2021

The International Material Data System (IMDS) is the automobile industry’s material data system, it is a very essential tool used for compliance by almost all of the global OEMs.

IMDS Steering committee regularly updates the Reporting techniques based on enhancement proposal provided by OEM’S and suppliers. These updates make the IMDS users to do their compliance activities in an efficient way to meet their needs.

As per the IMDS newsletter 57 issued on 25th November 2021, there is an upcoming release of IMDS version 13.1 and the production rollout is planned for 26th January 2022.

IMDS release 13.1 improvements

  • Visibility of warning about recyclate exceeding the maximum range of 20%
    With the IMDS release 13.1, there is a check in place to verify the recyclate information that exceeds the maximum range of 20%. It will generate a warning on both the sender and recipient side of the MDS.
  • Allow multiple S2S Keys per Org-Unit
    With this IMDS release, Multiple S2S keys per Legal Entity is allowed. For SCIP Submission, manual S2S key upload is no longer allowed instead user can select appropriate S2S Keys from the list for different Org-Unit or root company. For single S2S Key Org-Unit, the same will be set as default for the submission.
  • Exclude classification 9.x in SCIP Submissions
    The upcoming release has the option of include or exclude the 9.x classifications in the completed report for the SCIP submission. In the submitted dossier, regardless of material containing SVHC substance in 9.x classification you can make a selection.
  • Add SCIP Attributes to Component Search Results
    The following fields will be added to the Component Search in IMDS:

    • Latest Submission Date
    • SCIP No.
    • Submission No.
    • Production in the EU*
    • SVHC safe use instruction required
    • Changes to editing Application Codes and Norms
      Editing option for the application code and norms is provided in the upcoming IMDS release. The edit button in the respective table of the MDS will help users to understand how to add and change Application Codes.

    IMDS 13.1 introduces a number of updated features that you will have to understand in order to report compliance for the first time. In addition to increasing the accuracy of your reports, it will be easier for your team to report substances in your products, ultimately saving you time.

    Contact us for IMDS support if you would like to learn more about taking advantage of the power of IMDS for your reporting needs.