28 Jun
Benefits of Outsourcing Compliance Documentation

Material compliance documents are an obligation for whole supply chain irrespective of their role as either producers/distributors/importers/exporter. Compliance documents are the only and main source of hazard communication declaring the material composition and the threshold of their presence. These declarations […]

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11 Jun
ECHA adds a new substance to REACH SVHC

On 10th June, 2022, The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has added one more substance to its list of SVHC candidates, which was updated from 223 to 224. The newly added substance to candidate list is N-(hydroxymethyl)acrylamide (CAS-924-42-5) which is mainly […]

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3 Jun
BOM Management in IMDS

Complexity of BOMs in the IMDS system, and how we make the BOM management process easy, We also have a software option available for efficient management of large number of BOMs and MDS BoMs in IMDS will be available in […]

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16 May
Hazard Classification of Glyphosate by EFSA and ECHA

A record number of comments were received during EFSA and ECHA’s consultations on the draft assessments of glyphosate, indicating that it is a highly relevant substance. The level of public participation in the evaluation of active substances in the EU […]

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12 May
All you need to know about the CMRT 6.22 update

On 11 May 2022, RMI released Conflict Mineral Reporting (CMRT) version 6.22. This is a free standardized reporting template developed by Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) for Conflict Minerals reporting. It helps in the process of transferring information related to three […]

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6 May
Did you know, PIC adds 22 harmful chemicals?

In the EU, the Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Regulation sets regulations governing the trade of certain hazardous chemicals that are blocked or severely restricted. It is the responsibility of companies to comply with EU legislation if they wish to export […]

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25 Apr
EPA adds eight high priority chemicals for further testing under TSCA

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced, on 24 March 2022, the results of a second round of tests under section 4 of TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act). The purpose of this is to collect additional information on eight of […]

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19 Apr
Compliance Alert: EU Member States to evaluate 27 substances in 2022-2024

European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has listed 27 substances for evaluation by EU Member States under Community rolling action plan (CoRAP) for 2022-2024 under EU REACH. A total of four substances will be evaluated in 2022, while 23 substances will be […]

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8 Apr
Group assessment of bisphenols identifies need for restriction

A total of 148 bisphenols were assessed by ECHA and member states on 6th April 2022, and more than 30 of them were recommended for restriction. Because of their potential hormonal or reprotoxic effects. Bisphenols are known endocrine disruptors, both […]

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4 Apr
ECHA amends Directive (EU) 2022/431 to include three substances under the CMD

On 16 March 2022, the EU Commission published Directive (EU) 2022/431. An announcement is made to amend Directive 2004/37/EC concerning the protection of workers against the risks associated with carcinogens and mutagens at the workplace. The Directive (EU) 2022/431 has […]

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