30 Nov 2022

The Compliance Data Exchange (CDX) is an online product data management system developed and supported by DXC Technology. It is a cloud-based Software as a Service system (SaaS), centrally operated by CDX platform. CDX system helps you to collect, analyse and manage materials data throughout the entire supply chain and successfully supports the material management system across multiple industries. It also has an advantage of supporting the conflict minerals with the same CDX system.


The CDX is created with the vision to provide complete solution to the compliance management across all the industry. CDX system provides a globally accessible cloud-computing platform to create, visualize and exchange data across the entire supply chain. It facilitates various import and export feasibility over multiple recognized industry formats like,

  • IPC-1752A
  • IPC-1754
  • IPC-1755
  • IEC-62474,
  • CMRT and IMDS-AI

CDX provides the single database solution for different standards and data exchange over different industry without data exposure or transmission. CDX contains standardized material declarations for thousands of materials produced to an industry standard and help us to achieve the compliance objectives as per our requirements. By using WSI (Web Service Interface) technology, CDX allows the user to connect with external client system for various data management process. Because of having various regulations and regulatory directives support integrated, the usage of CDX extends to various regulation like:

REACH (including SCIP), RoHS, POP, China RoHS, California Proposition 65, Batteries, Packaging, TSCA, ELV/GADSL, HKC, Conflict Minerals, Extended Materials reporting, and many others.

CDX Advantages

CDX provides an extensive support to their user by bringing expertise in basic substance maintenance, process integration and data services, chemical analysis and sustainability management, as well as training and consulting for all aspect of regulatory compliance. They made the compliance management easier with their well-prepared partners for achieving regulatory complaints with their product regionally as well as globally. It is a cross-industry compliance management platform for supporting extensive number of material report across numerous industries,

  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Medical Devices

Functionalities of CDX

  • CDX system is embedded with CMD (Conflict Mineral Declaration) module to provide support on CMRT collection. It allows the clients to manage One Level Declaration, Partial Declaration, and Full Material Declaration using CMD manager.
  • Beyond 3TG, it supports due diligence with the extended material reporting template like RMI EMRT (Cobalt and Mica Reporting template) as Extended Material Declaration (EMD).
  • It has inbox and outbox functionalities to support customer for supplier engagement.
  • Analysis and reporting features in CDX help the user to have insight view of compliance deliveries and improvement plan.
  • CDX database contains more information on standard materials and substance level information of various industry standards that can be communicated to all participating supply chains.
  • Above all, CDX is the platform provided by DXC Technology, who are the world’s leading independent, end-to-end IT services company, helping customers harness the power of innovation to thrive on change. 

    For furthermore information on CDX and its application usage, feel free to contact ComplianceXL for assistance.