SCIP and IMDS Database

20 Jun 2021

In the past automotive manufacturers used to report REACH Candidate List substances in articles into the International Material Database System (IMDS). From the start of 2021, they are in need to submit similar information in the SCIP (Substances of Concern In articles as such or complex objects (Products)) database through the IUCLID platform developed by ECHA. It should be done in the IUCLID platform online or by doing automation of SCIP submission by getting access for the system to system service via an interface.

To avoid suppliers using multiple systems for data processing, the IMDS IMDS Steering Committee (SC) has invested in large scale system updates reflecting new data fields as well as an interface for reflecting the data into the SCIP from IMDS in the release of IMDS 13.0.

With Release of 13.0, IMDS will support creation and submission of SCIP Dossiers based on existing MDS information within IMDS whenever possible, all from within IMDS. It comes up with new required attributes and a new interface to transfer MDSs one by one to SCIP. With a single mouse click from within IMDS the transfer of MDSs containing SVHCs is done: SCIP numbers are associated with MDSs, and the Dossier(s) are created and loaded into the SCiP database.

The IMDS-a2 bulk interface with SCIP help to submit any number of MDSs into SCIP database. The new feature is the part of basic licence of IMDS-a2 module. It can also be used in combination with the Where-Used Analysis, Component search, MDS/Module search and the Outbox search.

Advantages of integrating SCIP and IMDS reporting

  • Time saving: Helps to select and submit multiple MDS’ instead of processing each individual MDS.
  • Easy to use interface: Feature helps to drag multiple MDSs from a source window such as the A&R window to the SCIP Submissions window and initiate the MDS submission.
  • Automated Process: You can also define how the IMDS-a2 should react if the MDS or referenced MDS do not contain the mandatory SCIP information. The IMDS tool can set default values for those attributes or omit the submission for the given MDS.
  • Ensuring Data Quality: The dossier creation, validation and submission is fully automated and there is no chance any data errors.

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