10 Jan 2020

environmental-complianceOn 10 th Jan 2020, ECHA announced that they are working on developing a positive list of substances
that can be safely used in materials that come into contact with drinking water. It will improve
consumer protection and ensure equal safety standards for the industry.

The first positive list containing around 1500 chemicals, is expected to be adopted by the EuropeanCommission by 2024. This list is based on the existing list in the member states. ECHA will reassess,prioritise, review the list and will recommend expiry dates for them. This will be based on thehazardous properties and as well as the quality of the substance.

This important consideration in the regulation comes to improve the quality and supply of drinking
water and also the confidence in tap water. With this regulation, ECHA wants to ensure that only safe
substances can be used in pipes and taps in contact with water. This will minimise the harmful effects
of pollution on both human health and natural resources, in line with the European Green Deal.

The introduction of this full risk-based approach would improve coherence with the Water Framework
Directive and helps to identify potential contamination sources, to reduce risks and therefore to better
focus treatment and monitoring efforts. The implementation will be carried out in collaboration with the
European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) since water is closely related to food contact materials.

The regulation is expected to tackle emerging pollutants such as microplastics, endocrine disruptors
as well as new types of chemicals (PFAs). If any of the companies want to keep their substance in the
positive list, they need to submit a review application to ECHA. They can also apply if they want to
add new substances to the list.

Are you affected by this upcoming regulation? Talk to one of our ECHA Compliance Experts to learn
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