10 Mar 2021

The major benefit of “Company level CMRT” is – It provides coverage for all the products manufactured by each manufacturer and helps both suppliers and manufacturers to utilize the same CMRT for different customers with a variety of products.

In case, a customer requires only a Product level CMRT or if the manufacturer is not willing to provide a Company level CMRT then the below information would be more useful to complete your CMRT.

Initially, the most important field in a CMRT is the Declaration Scope. This is the place that covers the total picture of a CMRT.

To prepare a Product level CMRT,

  • Select the Declaration scope as Product level from the dropdown under the Company Information section on the Declaration page.

    company information

  • A CMRT is incomplete without the product list for a Product level CMRT. To include the Product list, you can either click the link given on the Description of scope(below Declaration scope) which appears only after you select the Declaration scope as Product level, or move to the Product list tab and enter the product details directly.

    company imformation2

  • On the Product list tab, the details of the products must be entered in the appropriate column. The Manufacturer Product number is the mandatory field that needs to be filled for a Product level CMRT. Other columns are optional. Remember the CMRT must include the 3TG information of all the products listed on the Product list tab.


  • Once the Product details are listed on the Product list tab, the product list field on the Checker Tab will turn green indicating the field is complete else it will remain red.

    Product details

    Product details2

  • Finally, the time and effort of the supply chain management team would be less for preparing a Product level CMRT when compared to a Company level CMRT. So, the response rate of the suppliers would go high with well-analyzed Smelter analysis data.

Some of the important steps to avoid errors on the Product level CMRT/ Common errors are:

  • Select the Declaration scope only from the drop-down given. Do not enter manually.
  • The product list is mandatory.
  • Do not leave the Manufacturer Product number column blank and enter contents in the ‘comments’ column.
  • Make sure the product list is entered from the 1st row of the Product list tab.

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