Article 127B(4)(a) of UK REACH requires former EU REACH registrations to provide basic information about registration.

8 Oct 2021

The UK REACH Regulation for safety of chemicals includes an article 127B(4)(a) in which a list of names of substances with their CAS/EC numbers is compiled based on notifications. Article 127B(4)(a) of UK REACH requires registrants of former EU REACH registrations to provide HSE with basic information about their registration (“initial transitional data”).

Using the Comply with UK REACH service, this initial transitional data was submitted to HSE. The list includes data that have been provided up until and including 1 July 2021. There can be no guarantee that the information on the list is accurate since it was compiled from initial transitional data. It is worth noting that the list does not include all substances registered under EU REACH that have been transferred to UK REACH under the Article 127A(1) (transferred registrations). In the event that a transfer of registration occurs, the substance will not appear on the list if:

  • It has not been submitted any initial transitional data;
  • The initial transitional data was sent as confidential by those who submitted it
  • Similarly, if a substance is imported solely by a new registrant or an ex-downstream user or distributor, it will not be included on the list.

Before the end of the transition period, all UK-based companies that were downstream users or distributors of EU REACH products are required to inform the HSE that they are downstream users and distributors by submitting a Downstream User Import Notification (DUIN). As a result, the importers won’t have to pay registration duty anymore. The DUIN needs to be submitted before 27 October 2021.