Chicago, IL January 28, 2021 – ComplianceXL has been awarded a contract for end-to-end SDS Management with a leading multinational pharmaceutical manufacturer. This blanket agreement provides a solution to manage Safety Data Sheets (SDS) requirements such as document collection, validation, a centralized repository, and on-going monitoring, for multiple manufacturing units across the globe.

The client is a global pharmaceutical leader and specialized in generic medicine and consumed by over 200 million people across the globe. The global demand is supported by over 200 manufacturing facilities and over 20 subsidiaries in various regions.

The multi-year contract with the client entitles ComplianceXL to deliver a comprehensive solution to cover all needs for end-to-end SDS Management. The overall project is managed by a seasoned project manager, a dedicated supplier engagement team, and SDS specialists. The scope of project includes:

  • Providing an online platform to manage SDS
  • Sourcing SDSs from suppliers across the globe
  • Guiding suppliers to create SDS as per formats international requirements
  • Multi-lingual SDS indexing and real-time upload of SDS to the online platform for ready availability
  • Ongoing monitoring of the validity of the SDS, source, and update as and when needed
  • Enabling SDS request workflow for new product introduction

“We are honored to help one of the largest pharmaceutical companies to modernize SDS management through digital transformation. In this project, we bring together offline engagement and online automation to enhance SDS management capabilities to deliver quicker SDS documentation and reporting. This transformation will help the client increase transparency, improve compliance status, and adapt to evolving regulatory standards.” says C K Bharathan, Head of Compliance Solutions at ComplianceXL.