Chicago, IL June 13, 2023 – ComplianceXL has signed a contract with a US-based manufacturer of construction and mining equipment. As part of the agreement, ComplianceXL will provide lifecycle analysis and compliance documentation support for the TSCA.

The client is a leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial turbines, and a diesel-electric locomotive company. It is a global manufacturer of construction and mining equipment. There is a wide range of construction equipment manufactured by the company, making it the world’s largest manufacturer.

During this engagement, the client is expecting utmost compliance with TSCA regulations and conducting a comprehensive lifecycle analysis of the entire BOMs. The entire program is expected to run for a couple of years because of the global presence of manufacturing facilities and suppliers.

The program comes to life by the supplier engagement team collecting compliance data from suppliers globally in accordance with TSCA requirements and policies.

The second stage is to perform lifecycle analysis and compliance documentation support for TSCA and Rapid Class D for the BOM.  Further, provide support to the client with their development of test plans and reports for new products. This will include analyzing material compliance data for raw materials as well as finished goods.

Alongside this, ComplianceXL will also provide training to internal and external stakeholders in the supply chain and quality management functions to help them understand and adhere to the applicable regulations.

“As part of the program we propose to develop a compliance documentation framework to streamline requirements from each stakeholder and yet connect it back to overall organizational documentation. Also, this custom framework will accommodate reports from the lifecycle analysis for all the BOMs including NPI.” – says CK Bharathan, Head of Compliance Solutions, ComplianceXL.