Managed Procurement Services

ComplianceXL provides managed procurement services to make sure your materials are delivered on time and as required to your warehouse and site. With our cloud-based technology solution, we help you improve the efficiency of your routine procurement engine, enabling you to focus more on strategic sourcing and core business operations. We can provide procure-to-pay support for the entire process or just for the steps that are challenging for you. ComplianceXL provides procurement services for both the direct and indirect materials.

Process industries face several procurement challenges today in the purchase transaction such as PO delays, order confirmation delays from vendors, past-due deliveries, and lack of proof of delivery. It can cause high costs, late payments to vendors, problems with vendor relationships and affect the reliability of the supply chain.

Procurement in Supply Chain Management

We have a team of procurement experts who can help your procurement group to deliver materials on time, optimize costs, and maintain a lean and efficient supply chain operation. We have experienced professionals on a wide range of ERP systems, including SAP, Oracle, Infor, and Maximo, and we have expertise in different commodities.

Asset-intensive industries are facing a significant challenge when it comes to sourcing materials that comply with all applicable regulations worldwide. The ComplianceXL team understands these challenges and provides onsite resources to enhance your procurement capabilities. Our procurement specialists work closely with your sourcing team to identify potential compliance risks, develop strategies to mitigate those risks, and ensure that your procurement processes are up-to-date.

You can take advantage of our on-site resources to source materials that are not only compliant, but also cost-effective, resulting in a reduction in cost and an increase in profitability. Our other procurement services include procurement consulting, supplier management, and supply chain risk management, in addition to onsite resources. We can assist you in identifying potential suppliers, assessing their compliance status, and developing strategies to mitigate these risks.

Procurement Support Services

  • Sourcing support:
    • Finding alternate sources and distributors
    • Identify alternative parts and materials
    • Management of Orders and Contracts
    • Onboarding Vendors
  • Order Expediting
    • Monitor key milestones
    • Delivery Schedule Confirmation
    • Verify delivery documents Validate delivery proof
  • Order Confirmations
    • Ensure vendors accept POs
    • Update delivery schedule and status
  • Purchase order-to-invoice reconciliation
    • Receipt of invoices and documentation
    • Accurate shipping notices and accurate seller transactions
    • Validate price, materials, and payments
  • Purchasing support
    • Support for RFQs/RFIs
    • Equalizing bids
    • Purchase order processing
Expediting Services

Strategic Sourcing

Procurement Outsourcing