Order Expediting

Managing your supply chain effectively is a challenge when there are numerous suppliers involved. It is impossible to meet your market demand while staying competitive if your materials, products, or equipment are not delivered on time. Our expediting services guarantee that suppliers deliver on time, ensuring that your production schedules are met, and you are in the market on time.

ComplianceXL offer expediting services for your products so that they delivered on time and eliminate shipment delays. Count on our experienced professionals to provide you with the expertise, knowledge, and diplomacy necessary to keep your production schedule on track.

Our team confirms and enforces your suppliers’ delivery commitment. Additionally, we meticulously monitor each stage of the order-to-delivery process to make sure suppliers meet their contractual obligations.

During every phase of your production process, we provide expediting services, which help with:

  • Regular status reports on various elements of the order to delivery cycle such as Order confirmation, production schedule, packing checklist, shipment confirmations, and Proof of delivery.
  • Collect material compliance documents required as per global regulations / directives
  • Anticipate possible causes for any delays, raise alarms to all stakeholders and help implement quick countermeasures
  • Identify alternate sources, if the existing suppliers fails to meet the requirements
  • Fulfil contract requirements by ensuring that products / materials are delivered on time

Expediting Experts

Our Expediters work closely with supply chain, operations, engineering, and other groups to provide suppliers with timely responses and clarifications. Our multilingual expediting team will engage with suppliers in multiple regions and across time zones.

Having years of experience in providing expediting services, we are helping clients across Manufacturing, Pharma, Food and Beverages, Plastics, Automotive and other industries. We have an extensive global connect with major vendors and distributors for all commodity types.

Our expediting services

  • Order Confirmation tracking and co-ordination
  • Monitoring the order shipment
  • Invoice validation against the order
  • Status Reporting
  • Supplier performance evaluation

To maximize on-time delivery ratios, our expediters track milestones and deadlines, and provide early warning alerts when suppliers are behind schedule. By identifying potential bottlenecks and threats early, we avoid costly delays and penalties.

Discover how our expediting services can keep your production as scheduled and ensure on time delivery.