20 Apr
All you need to know about the new CMRT v6.1

RMI (Responsible Minerals Initiative) has released the new version of CMRT (Conflict Mineral Reporting Template) on 28th April 2021, which will replace the current version of CMRT v 6.01. The CMRT v 6.1 must be used for the next reporting […]

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16 Apr
ECHA proposed 7 substances for Authorization

On 14th April 2021, ECHA recommended to add below 7 substances under authorization to protect people and environment. These includes cyclosiloxanes D4, D5 and D6. These are hazardous, produced in high volumes and widely used. If these products get added […]

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31 Mar
Did you know TSCA Section 6(h) has New deadline for PBT Chemicals?

To reduce the exposure of persistent, bio accumulative and toxic (PBT) chemicals, TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) issued 5 final rules on Jan 6, 2021. On Feb 5, 2021, final rules were passed and on March 6, 2021, it came […]

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30 Mar
How to ensure your CMRT is complete without errors?

The conflict minerals reporting template consists of 8 tabs out of which 3 tabs must be filled by the companies or Suppliers and 2 tabs to check the completion. Important points to be noted while filling the 3 tabs to […]

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27 Mar
Key elements of Material compliance documentation

A Material compliance document is a comprehensive list of all the ingredients and substances within a product or a part. The document provides the percentage weight of each individual substance or material in the part and the percentage weight of […]

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18 Mar
UK Compliance Outlook in 2021

UK REACH UK implemented EU REACH on January 01, 2021, known as UK REACH. If your business is supplying/purchasing products from any of the below locations, you need to fulfil duties under both EU and UK REACH. the European Union […]

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16 Mar
US Compliance Outlook in 2021

California Cleaning Product Regulation This is an important check mark for the manufacturers who sells or distributes cleaning products in California. The California Cleaning Product Right to Know Act has come into effect from January 01, 2021.This enforced online and […]

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10 Mar
How to prepare a Product level CMRT?

The major benefit of “Company level CMRT” is – It provides coverage for all the products manufactured by each manufacturer and helps both suppliers and manufacturers to utilize the same CMRT for different customers with a variety of products. In […]

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2 Mar
EU Compliance Outlook 2021

Here is the snapshot of most important developments that we can expect in 2021, by European Union. EU Batteries Regulation A proposal for EU batteries laws were published on Dec 2020. This proposal will fully replace replacing the existing directive […]

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7 Feb
Key Elements of PPAP Process for Automotive Industries

The Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) acts as a proof for the supplier to understand the detailed requirement of the product/part being manufactured or supplied to its customers. The PPAP consists of 18 elements or documents that detail out the […]

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