8 Aug
Critical Raw Materials Act: Recent Developments you Should Not Miss

In March 2023, the European Commission proposed a regulation on critical raw materials. With the European Critical Raw Materials Act, the EU aims to ensure the secure and sustainable supply of critical raw materials throughout the region, reducing its dependence […]

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7 Aug
Hexavalent Chromium in Focus: Get the latest EU RoHS Exemptions

Numerous hazardous substances are prohibited in electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) under the EU RoHS directive, aimed at safeguarding the environment and human health. RoHS 2.0 replaced the original RoHS directive (2002/95/EC) in 2003, following its recasting in July 2011 […]

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3 Aug
EPA’s Asbestos Alert: Safeguarding Health through Compliance

Asbestos is a fibrous silicate mineral found in six types: Chrysotile, amosite, crocidolite, anthophyllite, tremolite, and actinolite. Asbestos is used in various commercial products to strengthen cement, fireproof buildings, and create textiles. TSCA Section 8(a) empowers environmental protection agencies to […]

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1 Aug
Identification and Impact of substances of high concern

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has amended the REACH Candidate List, a list of compounds of very high concern (SVHC), more than 25 times. The European Commission requests that EU member states or ECHA include substances on this list. The […]

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24 Jul
EFSA re-evaluates BPA in food

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) re-evaluated Bisphenol A (BPA) in food contact materials, including the 2015 and 2018 evaluations. The purpose of these studies was to assess the possible risks associated with the consumption of food containing BPA for […]

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21 Jul
EU project aimed at enforcing chemical regulations will focus on online products

The ECHA Enforcement Forum agreed to launch a project throughout the EU to verify that online products comply with REACH restrictions and the Classification, Labelling, and Packaging (CLP) Regulation’s requirements. The BPRS subgroup agreed to start a project on biocidal […]

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18 Jul
A guide to the ACEA Regulatory List in IMDS

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association, widely used and recognized by its acronym ACEA was formerly identified under the French name L’Association des Constructeurs Européens d’Automobile. As a result of the 1991 merger of BMW, DAF, Daimler-Benz, FIAT, Ford, General Motors […]

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13 Jul
EU PFAS restriction delayed by challenging analysis

PFAS limits have been delayed until 2025 by the EU. As a result of the proposed ban, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Norway would virtually be able to limit all PFAS. The announcement was made in February 2023. Given […]

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11 Jul
Shelf-life and its impact on the industrial sector

The shelf life of a product can be defined as the period during which you can expect the product to continue to look, behave, and be safe. A product’s longevity is determined by several factors, including its type, its use, […]

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6 Jul
IMDS Recommendation 025: All you need to know

In Recommendation 025 has undergone significant updates, providing valuable guidance on evaluating the content of recycled and bio-based materials in products. IMDS steering committee recognized that effective communication about recycled, and bio-based content is essential to the success of the […]

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