We empower organizations to stay ahead of ESG requirements, with our ESG consulting services. A significant part of our work is assessing ESG performance, which involves evaluating supply chain performance on several parameters. We also help our clients in this segment ensure stability and resilience during turbulent times. Our objective is to assess the maturity and preparedness of products, processes, and practices as they relate to current and upcoming regulatory mandates. Our ESG Consulting include ESG profile evaluation, which comprises a review of the present state of ESG integration in supply chain sustainability.

To enable our clients to gain a competitive advantage, we conduct an “as-is” assessment and gap analysis as part of our ESG services. By assessing ESG indicators, we review critical business requirements, sector-specific concerns, impact on sustainability, and stakeholder preferences. Our ESG performance analysis identifies gaps in disclosure, governance, processes, and structures.

Best Practices in ESG Program

There is no single corporate sustainability program that is the same, but it must be measurable, transparent, and accountable. Our ESG specialists’ partner with you to identify, develop and execute an integrated, data-driven, and values-driven program that effectively communicates your story to your stakeholders. Some of the commonly used frameworks for ESG programs include the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG), UN Global Compact, UN Guiding Principles (UNGPs) on Business and Human Rights, Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and many more.

Our expertise encompasses regulatory, commercial and supply chain functions. Our ESG consulting services include:

  • Organizational Performance assessment: Monitor the action plan to make corporate practices more environmentally friendly and socially inclusive.
  • Materiality Mapping: Analyse major problems, metrics, and economic, social, and environmental aspects.
  • Maturity analysis and Risk identification: Evaluating the maturity of sustainability performance and improving the reliability of ESG reports, while addressing potential risks involved.
  • Industry benchmarking: Among the peers and competition in the industry, analyse and comprehend the practices of managing sustainability.
  • Efficiency and criticality analysis: Ensure reporting and disclosures are compliant with internationally recognized standards and make recommendations for improvement.

We provide support from strategy development to implementation for your ESG program by collaborating with your management team to improve governance, develop and implement policies and initiatives, select metrics/KPIs. Assisting with data collection and internal coordination, and setting challenging and realistic performance targets, we help you stand out from your competitors.

Our thorough understanding of the ESG landscape and stakeholder expectations reinforces our skill to guide your organization in developing ESG narratives and disclosures. These concepts resonate with your key stakeholders and align with the prevalent ESG–related reporting frameworks.

ESG Benchmarking

ESG Benchmarking is a managed service we provide that is supported by a cloud-based tool that helps organizations gain insights from suppliers across the globe and turn big data into simple answers to a wide range of questions.

For example, if a company is working to align towards the UN SDG framework, some of the questions the benchmarking can answer are:

  • How is my organization doing in terms of achieving the SDGs?
  • In comparison to other peers or competition in my industry, does my organization lag or lead when it comes to meeting the SDGs?
  • Who are my organization’s peers from whom I can draw inspiration for progress towards the SDGs?
  • What departments could benefit from targeted support to improve their progress and contribute significantly?
  • Where is my program lagging, how can I improve my scores?

Organizations have the ability to choose from a range of different indicators related to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These indicators are available and applicable while comparing and benchmarking with industry peers. The focus can be applied to various industries, multiple countries, and other aspects, that are tailored to a client organization.