An Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) supplier survey is a mechanism used by organizations to evaluate the sustainability practices of their suppliers. The survey typically includes questions related to the supplier’s environmental impact, labor practices, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and corporate governance policies, among others.

The assessment of suppliers’ sustainability performance is intended to identify areas for improvement and assess gaps between the current state and future state from the perspective of attaining ESG goals. By conducting an ESG supplier survey, organizations can make more informed decisions about their supply chain network. This will ensure that you are working with suppliers that align with your own sustainability goals.

ESG Supplier Survey Software

ComplianceXL helps you conduct the Supplier Survey without having to solely depend on a software platform. ESG Supplier Survey offered by us is a managed solution that combines a multilingual supplier engagement team and a technology platform that assists in analyzing supplier ESG status. The scoring and weightage can be allotted to meet ESG goals defined per organization.

Our ESG software platform has the ability to customize questions based on industry, applicable ESG framework, and geography. As a result, suppliers will only be asked relevant questions, making it easier to analyze the data and respond.

Another key feature of our platform is automating the survey process by allowing you to easily send surveys to suppliers and track their responses. It also provides a central repository of reports, making it easy to access and analyze all your ESG data in one place.

As part of the managed ESG solution, the software platform is supported by a dedicated team of engagement professionals who ensure the responses from suppliers are accurate and reliable. The overall solution contributes to a more efficient and effective survey process while providing you with the information you require to make informed decisions.

Strategy for Sustainable Performance

Our ESG solution is focused on enabling sustainability professionals to assess the overall sustainability of your supply chain network. Here is what you will be able to achieve:

  • Explore the current status of suppliers’ ethical, social, and environmental practices
  • Identify opportunities for improvements and focus on sharing insights to cover gaps in your supplier ESG policy
  • Ensure that each stakeholder has access to the complete supplier’s ESG data
  • Enhance the ESG program with a more detailed strategy utilizing the Supplier assessment docket

Our surveys are designed considering multilingual, multi-region and multi-stakeholder across suppliers worldwide. In our analysis, we will compare suppliers’ performance with their closest competitors. This enables us to make balanced assessments and make action items that suppliers can easily accomplish. The cloud-based dashboard provides real-time insights on the current engagement status of each supplier under various categories of your supply chain.

Our solution is based on a systematic approach to improve sustainability, promote continuous process improvement, seamless collaboration across stakeholders, increase transparency of reports, and ensure suppliers meet your ESG obligations. We could also create a rating mechanism to compare your company rating against the competitor rating which would build trust with shareholders.