IMDS Compliance Consulting

In the late ’90s, a group of automotive manufacturers came together and developed a common data system – IMDS (International Material Data System) – to manage supply chain compliance data as applicable to various global regulations such as the ELV directive, REACH, RRR (Regulation on Recyclability and Recycling), and other similar regulations. IMDS Services enables automotive companies to collect, maintain, analyze and report material information as per accepted formats, laws, and regulations. Our IMDS Training and consulting services to clients and their suppliers, is delivered with the intent of increasing awareness and making them familiar with the usage of IMDS system and reporting requirements.

Our turnkey IMDS solutions enable automobile manufacturers, OEMs, and parts manufacturers to create Material Data Sheets (MDS) for their standard and custom parts, covering multiple levels of their supply chain. We support clients in collecting detailed material composition information for each part in the assembly and coding them into the IMDS database – thereby making the overall reporting process easier.

We provide comprehensive IMDS services to help you maximize your company’s ability to achieve maximum efficiency in IMDS Compliance.

At ComplianceXL, we conduct scheduled and on-demand IMDS training sessions in multiple languages across the globe. We can deliver our training sessions in person or online, so you don’t have to worry about critical stakeholders being in different locations. A systematic and structured method is used by our IMDS specialists to transfer their specialist knowledge to our customers. In addition to practical hands-on instruction, they provide a wealth of tips and tricks in IMDS reporting.

Our IMDS consultants help you with:

  • Training, Consulting & Advisory services
  • Collect material data from suppliers, manufacturers and sub-contractors
  • Assessment Material Data Sheet (MDS)
  • Consult all stakeholders to create IMDS submissions of parts
  • Validation and quality checks, on supplier submitted IMDS data
  • Submit data to the IMDS portal
  • Update / Refresh parts data into IMDS periodically