Chicago, IL; December 15, 2018 – ComplianceXL, the compliance solutions division of Enventure, today announced that they were awarded a multi-year contract for Safety Data Sheet (SDS) management for a large pharmaceutical company. The engagement has been signed off to manage SDS and hazardous chemical data for all their manufacturing sites spread across the globe and the solution will be delivered as an integrated part of a ComplianceXL partner’s SDS management platform.

The client has tens of thousands of SDS in their system, but faced challenges relating to duplicates, non-standardized indexing and compliance to the Globally Harmonised System of Classification (GHS) and labelling of chemicals. It was critical to ensure that employees have the correct and up-to-date version of the SDS for each chemical in their facility, in order to meet Hazards Communication standards of the different countries they operate in, such as OSHA guidelines in the USA.

The client decided to migrate all the Safety Data Sheets into a unified platform, accessible to all manufacturing facilities and engage with ComplianceXL to do an initial validation of the legacy data, as well as support the ongoing new SDS addition and refresh of aging SDS.

The ComplianceXL team provided a solution based on their SupplierLINQ platform, which would enable the Client’s global sites to have a single source for Safety Data Sheets management, covering all the key requirements. The Client was impressed with the overall solution, as well as the ComplianceXL team’s SDS management expertise and thorough understanding of GHS and OSHA standards. In addition, ComplianceXL showcased the strength of their multilingual supplier engagement team, which set them apart from other competitors, leading to the decision to award the contract to ComplianceXL.

“The adoption of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) continues to create more headaches for those involved in authoring and managing SDS documents. Hazard communication (HazCom) violations have ranked in top five on OSHA’s list of the most cited violations and these violations can lead to fines and bad reputation. Our expertise helps bring in best practices for chemical and SDS management, which helps clients mitigate many of the biggest risks to employees, the society and the company’s reputation” says CK Bharathan, Head – Compliance Solutions, ComplianceXL.

About ComplianceXL:

ComplianceXL is the Compliance Solutions Division of Enventure, a leader in the compliance business since 2003. ComplianceXL is a one-stop solution for all supply chain compliance requirements, ranging from consulting and training to collecting compliance certifications and documentation from suppliers. By implementing a transparent and well-structured compliance program, ComplianceXL enables clients to follow an integrated process, to meet their compliance obligations. Beyond an initial implementation, ComplianceXL also provides ongoing support to maintain compliance to regulations such as RoHS, REACH, CA Prop65, Conflict Minerals, ELV, GHS/OSHA and several other global legislations.