3 Nov 2020

RMI (Responsible Mineral Initiatives) has released a new reporting template MICA REPORTING TEMPLATE (MRT 1.0) on 28th October 2020. This is the third reporting template released by RMI, the other two are CMRT and CRT.

Mica is widely used in automotive and industrial coatings, paints and plastics as pigments. It also used in cosmetics and food industries. Since Mica is a good insulator and has good heat resistant property it used in electronic components and automotive products.

India and Madagascar are the major mica producing countries in the world. Mica supply chains rely heavily on artisanal and small-scale extraction as well as manual processing. RMI has released the MRT 1.0 to enable a responsible mica supply chain that can be sustained without the use of child labour, illegal operations and unsafe health and safety conditions in mica production and processing.

The Mica Reporting Template is a standardized reporting template developed by the RMI to identify choke points and collect due diligence information in the mica supply chain. It is a free template and you can down it here

MRT provides the information about mica supply chain regarding country of origin and processors being utilized and it is designed for downstream suppliers to gather and disclose information about their mica supply chains. Currently there is no legal obligation or regulatory compliance requirements for reporting about mica supply chan. However, as a good practice MRT can be provided to your customers and may be posted in your website.

The next version of MRT is expected be released during September- October 2021