Frequently Asked Questions – Managed Compliance Services

  1. What are the key components of a Managed Compliance Solution?

    • Subject Matter Expertise: Consulting, Advisory and Training support
    • Standards: Establishing compliance documentation and reporting requirements
    • Technology: Deploying software to store documentation and report compliance
    • Documentation: Collecting compliance documentation from suppliers and validating
    • Reporting: Generate compliance reports, with supporting documentation
    • Monitoring & Maintenance: Stay ahead of changes to compliance requirements and refresh/manage compliance documentation on an ongoing basis
  2. How does Managed Compliance benefit you?

    We work as an extension of your company, supporting the compliance function and providing an end to end solution for compliance. The solution enables you to minimize the load on your internal resources and leverage our expertise, processes and systems to ensure your compliance program stays on track. Our compliance experts work closely with you to support your organization in different areas, including gap analysis, compliance strategy, training, compliance framework, data collection, reporting and ongoing maintenance.

  3. What are the benefits of an efficient compliance program?

    • Eliminate risks of non-compliance such as stop shipments, fines and fees
    • Gain Insights into global compliance obligations, enabling you to sustain and expand markets
    • Reduce compliance program overheads, without compromising on the depth of your compliance program
    • Accommodate rapid changes in regulations as and when required to meet additional regulatory and documentation requirement
  4. Is compliance software part of Managed Compliance?

    The Managed Compliance Solution is modular in nature and software is available as part of the solution. But it is not mandatory to utilize the platform we provide; if you have a PLM or other system to manage compliance documentation, we can integrate our solution with such a system either.

  5. What is material compliance Management services?

    The Materials Compliance Management service provides the manufactured product and supplied materials substance level information . It facilitates compliance management and reporting of RoHS, REACH, CMRT , ELV and other regulations, allowing to predict, monitor and validate the adherence to compliance regulations /directives.

  6. How to enable efficient compliance management?

    Implement a processes and system that ensures proactive collection and assessment of every substance in the product and component of your product line and the parts supplied by the supplier which will enable efficient, accurate and timely response to the ever-changing regulatory requirements. It also provide full transparency of material content, material risks, material alternatives, and end-to-end traceability during the product development process. A compliance management software tool can help to automate the compliance data collection, storage, and integrating supplier declarations into the product development and reporting needs. The software improves ability to manage the compliance program by assessing risk and cost early in the process and also throughout the product lifecycle.

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