Material Compliance Review

A dynamic regulatory compliance scenario poses many challenges if an organization fails to keep pace with new updates. The regulatory compliance review program from ComplianceXL is designed to inform clients with timely updates on new regulations or changes to regulations that may impact their business. The review also monitors the Client’s internal compliance program to ensure it is aligned to the company’s ESG and compliance strategy, as well as regulatory mandates.

Over the past decade, regulatory compliance management has become more complex because of a spike in the number of rules and regulations. Effective compliance governance ensures that the compliance system aligns with the business objectives and risk management strategies.

ComplianceXL offers compliance consulting and compliance program monitoring services that help Clients manage and control current and future regulatory risks. Our Compliance specialists help organizations strategically focus on their operations by maximizing competitive advantages over global regulations without the need of day-to-day worry. In the process, we also minimize your costs and disruptions to your business, freeing up management time.

The Regulatory Compliance Review program we setup for clients has various elements, such as:

  • Periodic evaluation of current compliance status
  • Overview of upcoming changes or new regulations to prepare for
  • Establishing a risk-based compliance control framework
  • Recommendations for compliance risk mitigation
  • Verifying if compliance documentation requirements are being met
  • Reviewing policies and strategies to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Providing mentoring and advisory to internal stakeholders
  • Alignment of the ESG program to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In today’s world, organizations need to stay focused on the effectiveness of their compliance programs more than ever, and staying ahead of the curve is critical.

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