Supplier Engagement System

Very often, Suppliers struggle to understand a client company’s demands for compliance documentation and this stems from a lack of awareness of global material compliance regulations and the responsibilities around that.

Our Supplier training services provide training to suppliers on compliance regulations, reporting requirements, expected documentation, and align them to the expectations of their client. We do this training on behalf of the Client company, to ensure the supply base is ready to support the organization’s compliance program.

The compliance knowledge that we have gained since 2003 has been leveraged to develop comprehensive training modules that can help you enhance relationships with suppliers globally. The training is highly customizable, based on the industry and specific regulations involved. Some of the most popular training programs are for training in EU RoHS, EU REACH,CA Prop 65 Conflict Minerals and IMDS.

We have multiple formats of supplier training programs, such as:

  • Live in-person training sessions
  • Online virtual seminars
  • Interactive live webinars
  • Packaged on-going knowledge development
  • Recorded online training modules

Benefits of Supplier training

ComplianceXL has conducted training programs for a variety of industries, by virtue of which our clients have been able to significantly improve their supply chain compliance levels. Some of the top benefits include:

  • Improved response rates from suppliers for compliance documentation requests
  • Aids proactive risk management
  • Enhances accuracy and completeness of reporting
  • Establishes long-term collaborations with suppliers
  • Improves consistency in compliance documentation
  • Helps supplier performance monitoring