3 Jun 2022

Complexity of BOMs in the IMDS system, and how we make the BOM management process easy, We also have a software option available for efficient management of large number of BOMs and MDS

BoMs in IMDS will be available in two different formats usually. They are,

  • Flat or Single-Level BoM
  • Multi-Level BoM

1. Flat or Single-Level BoM

This kind of BoM has only one levels under the parent or end assembly component. Since all the part numbers are aligned in same level, there is no grouping or sub-assemblies available. Constructing this BoM is easy when compared to Multi-level BoM’s.

2. Multi-Level BoM

As per the name indicated, this kind of BoM’s are constructed with many levels, grouping and sub-assemblies. Creating the structure for this kind of BoM’s are very complex and time-consuming process. Since the levels are more and confusing, there is a greater possibility of doing error in level formation. To overcome all these problems, it is very necessary to make this BoM creation process automated.

BoM’s in IMDS

In IMDS, most of the OEM’s are not allowing to use the Flat or Single-Level BoM structure because of its accuracy.They are always encouraging their supplier to submit the report in Multi-level structuring format. In multi-level BoM structuring, we will get the transparency in each sub-assembly component and its child structure.

As we already said, creating multi-level BoM is not easy. Since the quality and accuracy are most important factor in IMDS report. It is necessary to have an automation tool, to create a multi-level BoM structure in single click. If you are a manufacturer, who is handling more multi-level BoM’s in manual IMDS creation method. Please contact us, we are having an interesting software technology to make your complex process easier and more compatible.