Frequently Asked Questions – Compliance Consulting Services

  1. What is Compliance Consulting?

    Compliance Consulting helps organizations identify applicable compliance regulations and develop a comprehensive roadmap to meet regulatory obligations. Compliance Consulting services also provide companies subject matter expertise on compliance, where companies may not have the required skills inhouse. Leveraging a Compliance Consultant’s skills, the company can develop processes to mitigate supply chain compliance risks and avoid non-compliance penalties.

  2. Why do I need a Compliance Consultant?

    Material compliance requirements are dynamic in nature with new regulations introduced very frequently, thereby creating a challenge for organizations to meet global compliance regulatory obligations. A good Compliance Consultant can provide you up-to-date knowledge on the various compliance regulations and its requirements, so you can determine what’s applicable to your industry and organization. The Compliance Consultant will also enable you to understand the compliance liabilities and supply chain risks associated, and work with you to develop a comprehensive compliance program.

  3. What regulations will a Compliance Consultant cover?

    A Compliance Consultant will help you to develop and implement a comprehensive material compliance program for your organization covering various regulations such as EU RoHS, EU REACH, CA PROP 65, Conflict Minerals, MDR, China RoHS, Packaging and many more. Our Compliance Consulting experts are also knowledgeable in trade compliance regulations (USMCA, Country of Origin [COO], HTS codes etc.) and ethical sourcing rules (such as the anti-slavery act or child labor laws).

  4. What is the profile of a typical Compliance Consultant?

    Our Compliance Consultants are seasoned professionals with many years of experience in compliance, having successfully implemented compliance programs for many clients. Many of our Compliance Consultants are authors, domain experts and speakers on material and supply chain compliance forums and industry gatherings. They also have specific expertise in different industries, so depending on your industry, we can assign a Compliance Consultant who can be a great fit.

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