Roadmap for Enhancing Compliance Programs

In the dynamic world of regulatory compliance, a major challenge for organizations is to identify the right approach to compliance and define the steps they should take, to meet regulatory obligations. Our Consulting Services address exactly that, whereby we engage with clients to assess their current status, identify what compliance obligations they have which are not addressed already, and chalk out a roadmap for how they can meet the compliance requirements. The roadmap will take into consideration what compliance elements may have already been taken care of internally, as well as industry best practices, so a lean and efficient compliance program can be implemented.

Once the roadmap is signed off, ComplianceXL can serve the client as a one-stop solution for all their Regulatory Compliance needs, ranging from consulting and training to assisting with supplier engagement, deploying technology and compliance reporting.

A typical compliance roadmap will have different modules, some of which are outlined below. The first module of Gap Assessment will enable us to create a customized roadmap for the client, covering all the other modules.

Key elements of the compliance journey:

    • Gap Assessment: We conduct a gap analysis and a compliance audit at the client site to analyze the compliance system to
      • Identify regulatory obligations
      • Assess the current compliance status
      • Review existing processes and systems
    • Strategy and Framework: Develop a comprehensive plan to address risk management, compliance coverage, and timelines to streamline systems
      • Develop a strategy as per applicable industry
      • Define a roadmap with timelines and responsibilities
      • Establish recommended process and systems to enhance compliance status
    • Training: Many organizations lack knowledge within their functional groups on the regulatory obligations applicable to their products in various countries, such as RoHS, REACH, Prop 65, Conflict Minerals, WEEE, Packaging, etc. The training provides them,
      • Awareness on global regulatory requirements
      • Knowledge of the risks of non-compliance
      • Understanding of what they need to do, to align to corporate compliance goals
      • Compliance Documentation: One of the most laborious tasks in compliance is sourcing compliance documentation from suppliers across the globe. These may be Full Material Disclosures (FMD), Certificate of Compliance (CoC) or other supporting documents. Our documentation team can,
        • Collect compliance declarations from your suppliers
        • Provide multilingual multi time zone supplier engagement support to maximize results of the compliance campaign
        • Validate supplier declarations, enable you to establish due diligence
        • Develop product-level reports, based on supplier declarations
        • Maintenance: Ongoing management and refresh of the compliance data is crucial to ensure you keep your compliance program up to date. We provide services to
          • Refresh & update your compliance documentation every 6/12 months
          • Proactively track new/evolving regulations
          • Update systems and processes as needed

ComplianceXL has mastered addressing every aspect of this roadmap and has been successful in delivering over 300+ compliance programs over the years. Our managed compliance solution not only helps you develop a roadmap, but also implement it in an efficient, and cost-effective manner.